Community-oriented sub-DAO within Kwenta
The devDAO is a community-oriented development structure that rewards community developers for closing outstanding tickets by having their code merged. It also enables structured compensation for long-term community members. This sub-DAO includes a community PM, various developer roles, and auditors.
Join the #commmunity-devchannel on our Discord to participate in the devDAO.

Why a devDAO

By opening development to the Kwenta community, not only will the Kwenta DAO accelerate progress but it will also gain resiliency as Core Contributors become less of a crux for product development. To achieve full decentralization, open development is essential.

How to contribute

The devDAO aims to create an open and welcoming space for everyone who desires to learn, help foster open community development, and wishes to see Kwenta accelerate its progress in becoming the decentralized and permission-less derivatives trading platform we all dream for it to be.
Make sure you join the #community-dev channel on the Kwenta Discord and present yourself. Are you a React ninja at night? Do you tend to write love letters in TypeScript? Let us know! There'll be plenty of opportunities to help out, build away, unlock new devDAO roles and earn rewards.
New available tickets will be announced by the community PM in the #dev-tickets channel.
Eligible community members have to ping the Community PM publicly in the #community-dev Discord channel if they want to work on a specific ticket. Tickets will be assigned on a first come, first served base.
Tickets currently have two tiers, depending on their complexity:
  • Bounty Hunter tickets: Entry-level tickets which are available to any community member who is interested in collaboration. First-time contributors will earn (next to their reward) the Bounty Hunter role after their first successfully merged commit.
  • Community dev tickets: Bounty hunters who have shown off their skills repeatedly over time will eventually raise to the ranks of community developers. They are then eligible to routinely take on intermediate to advanced tickets.
Before helping out at the Kwenta devDAO, make sure to read our developer contribution guideline.

Roles within the devDAO

The devDAO provides the dedicated Discord channel #dev-tickets where community developers can monitor open tickets with their associated reward. Within the devDAO, there are different roles depending on the level of difficulty of tickets:

Community PM

The community PM prepares tickets and handles the project management and coordination for community-driven initiatives. This community member acts as the connecting piece between community developers and core contributors.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunters are community members that take on entry-level tickets. These tickets are great for developers who just started their journey within the Kwenta community. First-time contributors will earn (next to their reward) the Bounty Hunter role after their first successfully merged commit.

Kwenta Community Dev

Kwenta community developers are vetted bounty hunters who routinely take on intermediate to advanced tickets. As trusted individuals who have proven that they can deliver quality work, higher-level tickets will be reserved for them along with higher tiers of rewards.


An auditor will review code prior to it being merged to ensure there are no bugs and that the code meets the Kwenta community standards. Auditors can be trusted community members given the role by the Community PM, Kwenta community developers that were not responsible for writing the code being audited, or Core Contributors. For a ticket to pass the auditing phase, both a community auditor and core contributor must have audited and approved the code.
Further reading: KIP-6: Kwenta devDAO Framework
devDAO PM Compensation:
  • Negotiated salary via the adminDAO
  • Negotiated Kwenta package via the adminDAO