Product Elite

Product Elites provide structured and valuable feedback to the developers during the implementation of a new KIP. Product Elites will be responsible for finding opportunities to improve the product, providing feedback and reviewing designs, as well as testing and providing feedback on staged code.
The Elite Council in conjunction with the Core Contributor Committee will use their discretion to determine the number of Product Elites and adjust their operations as necessary. Council Elites can add and remove Product Elites as they see fit. Product Elites are compensated via a bounty system.
To become a Product Elite, provide feedback on the product in the #product-feedback channel in our Discord and gain the Product Elite Candidate role. Once a Product Elite position opens, Product Elite Candidates will be notified and will have the opportunity to put their name in the ballot box where Elite Council members will review applications and select new Product Elites.
Further reading: KIP-17: Product Elite Role