This sub-DAO (outlined in SIP-177) controls the treasury, investment, and growth funds for the Kwenta DAO, working with the Core Contributors and Elite Council to use funds for bootstrapping the protocol and ensuring long-term sustainability. The treasuryDAO is composed of three anonymous community members.

treasuryDAO members

The treasuryDAO is voted on by the Elite Council via a closed process:
Community members are able to put their name in a ballot box and then the Elite Council would choose from the list which participants would make up the treasuryDAO. Core Contributors and Elite Council members would be the only people to know who operate the treasuryDAO. At least ⅔ of the treasuryDAO members must be non-council members.
An election for the treasuryDAO would only be held when a rebalance of members is required, a forced election would not be held in the same cadence as the Elite Council. TreasuryDAO members have a maximum term life of 1 year before they need to be reelected.
To join the treasuryDAO, add a submission to the treasuryDAO ballot box when a position opens. Watch for ballot box openings by joining our Discord.

Kwenta Treasury Requests (KTR)

In the event that funding is required from the treasuryDAO, community members can create a KTR which will be passed to the treasuryDAO and either approved or rejected.
Further reading: SIP-177, KIP-2 and KTRs.
treasuryDAO Compensation:
  • 2.5k USD in KWENTA each month.
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