Modeled after the success of the Lyra Ignition campaign, Kwenta will host a 8 week-long campaign to facilitate the launch of Futures, V2, and the Kwenta token. The Kwenta Sovereignty phase will include L2 SNX Staking and liquidity mining rewards, a Futures competition, and other opportunities to obtain Kwenta. This campaign is to amplify the launch of Futures, V2, and the Kwenta token, resulting in DAO growth and increased product usage along with making sure ample liquidity is available on Optimism.
Kwenta will be distributing a total of 23,675 tokens (7.55% of the initial supply) to participants during these 8 weeks.


Week 3 & 4 (Oct 17th - Oct 31st)

Week 5 (November 7th - Nov 14th)

Week 6 (November 14th - Dec 14th)

For a full technical description of Sovereignty, please see KIP-10.​