Synthetix Staker & Synth Trader Aelin Pool

Nov 1st - Nov 14th
The Kwenta treasury will distribute the owed 35% of the initial supply to Synthetix stakers and Synth traders via a 2-week pool on Aelin starting on November 1st and ending on November 14th. Users which meet the criterion outlined in KIP-13 will be able to participate in the distribution.
As per KIP-34, eligible addresses can claim their KWENTA tokens by sending $31.91 per $KWENTA they are eligible for to the Aelin pool on mainnet Ethereum.
Eligible addresses that participate in the pool will receive a virtual token which will need to be bridged and exchanged for $KWENTA on the Kwenta platform.
The virtual token will not be stakable and cannot be used in governance; the virtual token must be exchanged for KWENTA to be used in the Kwenta protocol.
SNX stakers as well as early synth traders can check their eligibility here, by entering their eth address.
Any addresses that are eligible for this pool and participated in the earlier Kwenta Aelin pool will automatically receive their allotment without being required to send funds to claim them.