Setup MetaMask

Here you will find an in-depth how-to guide on installing and setting up the MetaMask wallet. If you only need to add the Optimism Ethereum networks, skip to the end.

Step 1. Install the MetaMask browser extension

To create a new wallet, you have to install the extension first. Depending on your browser, there are different marketplaces to find it.
We recommend you download the MetaMask extension that matches your browser from their website or alternatively your browsers official store.
A word of caution, be sure that you are downloading the extension from your browser’s official store or the MetaMask official website. We advise against downloading and installing software from third-party sites.
In the Chrome Web Store:
Click Add Extension.

Step 2. Create a MetaMask account

Once MetaMask is successfully added to your browser, you will be redirected to a setup wizard, which will guide you through the process of creating an account.
Click the ‘Get Started’ button.
You will be prompted to create a new password. Enter a secure password, agree to the Terms of Use, and click ‘Create.’
Once you create your password, you will see the screen below. Reveal your secret back up phrase and write it on a piece of paper.
Please do not take a screenshot or store it on any electronic device. You will need this seed phrase to restore your wallet to a new device. If anyone gets this seed phrase, they can steal all of your funds.
Once you have recorded your secret phrase, click ‘Next’ and go through the confirmation by re-entering the phrase in the correct order.

Step 3. Enjoy your new MetaMask installation!

You have now installed MetaMask and created your brand new account successfully. A new Ethereum wallet address has been created for you and waiting for you to deposit funds.

How to add another wallet to MetaMask?

MetaMask allows you to have multiple accounts by either creating additional accounts or importing them. Follow the steps below to learn how.
Click on your accounts icon on the top-right of the screen.
Click ‘Create Account’, choose a new name for your account, and click ‘Create’.
It’s as simple as that; you can now use multiple wallet addresses. Remember to store your wallet’s private key in a safe place.

How to Recover Your Seed Phrase

If you didn’t have a chance to record and save your seed phrase, you could follow the steps below to reveal it again.
Click on the account icon at the top right of the screen and click‘Settings’.
‘Click on Security & Privacy’ > ‘Reveal Seed Phrase’. Now, enter your password to view your seed phrase.
Now save the Secret Seed Phrase somewhere, preferably not digitally, and keep it safe. The backup is done.

How to restore your MetaMask wallet

If you change browsers or computers and want to connect your wallet, here’s how to do it.

Method 1: Restore from seed phrase having an existing wallet

From an existing MetaMask installation:
Click the account icon and select ‘Lock’.
Once locked MetaMask will give you the option to import from seed phrase at the bottom.
On the Restore your Account with Seed Phrase page, enter each word from your seed phrase in order, and separated by a space. Next, enter and confirm your new password and click ‘Restore’.

Method 2: Restore from seed phrase with a fresh installation

From a fresh MetaMask installation: Click ‘No, I already have a Secret Recovery Phrase.’
From here, you can fill in the required Secret Recovery Phrase , also know as your seed phrase.
Do note when recovering wallets, the password field is a new password and doesn't have to match the previous password.
Method 3: Restore from private key or JSON File
From an existing MetaMask installation:
Click on the account icon and select ‘Import Account’
On the next page, choose whether you want to import your private key or wallet file and follow the instructions.
And that’s it. You have now successfully restored your account by following these easy steps.

Adding Optimistic Ethereum to MetaMask:

There are a few easy ways to connect to Optimistic Ethereum to MetaMask. The easiest way is to use these chainid.links. For these links to work, you must access them from a browser with a web3 wallet extension installed (MetaMask, etc.) If you want to only test Kwenta on the Optimistic Goerli testnet, you only need the first network from the list below.
Alternatively, if you must add the network manually, you can find easy-to-follow instructions here.