Kwenta is a decentralized Perpetual Futures exchange on Optimism layer 2 with:
  • Leverage: support up to 10x leverage.
  • Near Instant Transactions: Having deployed Futures on the Optimism rollup, traders on Kwenta enjoy fast transactions and reduced network fees.
  • Liquidity: Achieving the same level of liquidity as centralized exchanges by using pooled liquidity made available by Synthetix.
  • Assets: Starting with crypto and expanding to forex, commodities, and other exotic assets.
  • Composability: Part of the infamous DeFi money legos.
Now that v2 Futures is out, everyone can enjoy permissionless, composable, fully decentralized Futures at:
For an in-depth overview of the Synthetix Futures implementation, see L2 Perpetual Contracts.
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