Although Futures will be the flagship offering of Kwenta. We will support easy swaps of Synthetic assets similar to the likes of 1inch and uniswap. Designs are currently being polished. This section will reflect updates as they become available.
How to trade Spot Markets on Kwenta Swapping (Trading) is most commonly done by use of a CEX (Centralized exchange.) When traders use a centralized exchange they may be subject to making accounts and disclosing personally identifiable information.
Once on-boarded to the exchange, traders can send funds to the exchange and swap (trade) from one asset to another the exchange will facilitate the trade, newly acquired crypto is sent to the traders' exchange-owned wallet until they are withdrawn from the exchange. *If users don’t withdraw their crypto after using a CEX, it leaves their assets in the control of the exchange, giving them the ability to limit use of your funds or possibly lose them.
Swapping offers a convenient, simple, secure way to facilitate crypto-to-crypto exchanges without the use of a CEX. Users can take care of all their asset exchanging they want with a Web 3 wallet (MetaMask.)
Assets swapped will be back in users full control once completed, unlike centralized exchanges. Assets are sent directly to the service providing the swap capability, which will then send you back your newly swapped assets directly back to the wallet address that originally sent the assets.
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