Smart Contracts
Contracts utilized by Kwenta
Smart contracts are pre-specified agreements on the Ethereum blockchain that evaluate information and automatically execute when certain conditions are met.


Kwenta makes use of and is built atop existing Synthetix infrastructure. Security and correctness are paramount goals for any smart contract system. Therefore several different audit partners have been engaged over the history of the Synthetix project in a continuing process to validate the integrity of its smart contract system.


All Synthetix smart contract updates are accompanied by an external security audit performed by Iosiro.
Synthetix releases and their accompanying audits can be found here.
For a list of historical audits of the Synthetix contracts up until February 2021, see here.


For an up to date list of all contracts within the current Synthetix system please visit:


Kwenta smart contracts are currently under development and are being audited respectively. Once the smart contracts are live, an overview will be listed here together with their respective security audits. Kwenta smart contracts will be audited by Iosiro.
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