Join the Pool
For those interested in participating in the Kwenta Aelin raise, you will need:
Once you have what you need head over to the Kwenta Aelin raise pool to begin.
Make sure you understand and review all the details of the Pool. You'll find a description of each term in the Getting Started section.
Join the open pool
Once you have found the Kwenta Pool, review all the details related to the Pool and ask any questions you have in the Community Discord. If you are on board with the proposed terms, you can choose the amount of sUSD you want to purchase/contribute to this Pool.
Step 1 - Connect your wallet You can connect your web3 wallet by finding the "Connect" button at the top right corner of the Aelin screen. You'll be prompted to pick your wallet and approve a prompt allowing access to communicate with your wallet.
Confirm you are connected to the correct wallet and on Optimism Layer 2.
Step 2 - Pledge sUSD In this step once your wallet is connected you can you enter the amount you wish to purchase and select "Purchase" you'll be prompted in your web3 wallet to approve/allow the contract to spend your sUSD, and later approve the contribution.
Once complete (a few seconds) you'll see "My Pool Balance" will reflect your contribution in the Pool dashboard.
Step 3 - Wait until the Purchase Lock Duration is complete
Now all you have to do is wait until the Purchase Lock Duration (Feb 27th) is complete, then the Kwenta treasuryDAO can create a deal, and contributors have 24 hours to choose to either accept or not accept, partially or in full their token allocation.
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