Cross Margin

Trade any market with a single account using cross margin
Cross margin accounts are a unique Kwenta offering that allows traders to trade any market by using a single margin account. By default, all Synthetix Futures contracts are isolated markets, requiring traders to deposit and withdraw separately for each asset they wish to trade. With cross margin accounts, traders can seamlessly trade different markets with fewer transactions and less hassle.
Cross margin accounts also provide traders with powerful risk management tools, letting them tailor each position to their personal trading style with an optional fee rejection parameter. This allows traders to have orders rejected if the current dynamic exchange fee spikes beyond acceptable levels.
Under isolated market contracts, users are forced to risk all of the collateral in a single market they deposit and can only protect collateral from liquidation by completely withdrawing the collateral they wish to protect. With cross-margin accounts, traders are able to select the amount of collateral they are comfortable risking when opening a position while unused collateral will stay safe in the cross margin account if liquidations should occur.