Staking KWENTA

Stake your Kwenta token to earn staking rewards and voting power
The Kwenta staking contract allows users to lock Kwenta tokens in exchange for various benefits.
  • Staked KWENTA will gain voting power within the system enabling stakers to vote in Elite Council elections and CKIPs, offering the protocol a decentralized decision-making mechanism.
    • 1 $KWENTA = 1 Vote
  • Staked KWENTA will earn inflationary rewards. Staked wallets with trading activity will earn additional rewards to place active Kwenta users at the center of decision-making. Staking is only available on the Optimism L2 Network.
Staking rewards are continuously accrued and can be claimed at any time. Trading rewards are allocated to you once a week. View KIP-3 for more details on the staking mechanism.