Staking KWENTA

Stake your Kwenta token to earn staking rewards and voting power

The Kwenta staking contract allows users to lock Kwenta tokens in exchange for various benefits.

  • Staked KWENTA will gain voting power within the system enabling stakers to vote in Elite Council elections and CKIPs, offering the protocol a decentralized decision-making mechanism.

    • 1 $KWENTA = 1 Vote

  • Staked KWENTA will earn inflationary rewards. Staked wallets with trading activity will earn additional rewards to place active Kwenta users at the center of decision-making. Staking is only available on the Optimism L2 Network.

Staking rewards are continuously accrued and can be claimed at any time. Trading rewards are allocated to you once a week. View KIP-3 for more details on the staking mechanism.

Cooldown period?

The cooldown period is NEW, and the time required before unstaking your tokens is possible. The cooldown period to unstake your tokens is two weeks & the clock starts ticking from the last time a staker interacted with the v2 staking contracts. This includes adding to your staked balance with liquid $KWENTA or escrow $KWENTA.

The cooldown period by default is 14 days, but this can be further extended/reduced via governance.

IMPORTANT: After the cooldown period is complete, you have an unlimited window to withdraw your unstaked tokens. If you do not withdraw before interacting with the staking contract again, you will have to start the cooldown process again.


  • If the cooldown period was activated 14 days ago, you could withdraw!

  • If the cooldown period was activated 14 days and 2 hours ago, you claim rewards and will now need to start the 14-day cooldown period again.

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