Access Kwenta

Different way on how to access Kwenta

The official DAO endorsed deployment can be accessed via (decentralized deployment) or (centralized deployment)

Copies of the Kwenta deployment, in case the endorsed deployment is not available, can be found at the following places:

In order to access the IPFS deployment via the IPNS record, Brave Browser and/or the IPFS companion extension might be needed. Those can be access then by using the following:

  • ipns://kwenta.eth

  • ipfs://bafybeie67qpog5obr334sxifvfrtkixc6dlnrpruhb7m2quildcm6usplm

Legacy Deployments

The old Synthetix Perpetual Futures V1 contracts and its respective deployments can be accessed through:

The old isolated margin deployment for Synthetix Perpetual Futures V2 contracts can be found here:

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