The marketingDAO is a community organization responsible for marketing and communications initiatives, and invites community members to participate in each step of the process from the ideation phase to the execution.

Join the #commmunity-marketing channel on our Discord to participate in the marketingDAO.

Why a marketingDAO

Marketing efforts in DeFi often rely on input from community members, regardless of the actual structure of the organization. Kwenta strives to be an organization that is fully community built, owned, and maintained, so it is important that marketing efforts include structures that allow community participation, and compensation for marketing work. To strike a balance between open participation and unified marketing efforts, Kwenta relies on predetermined roles within the marketingDAO which are filled by community members with specific strengths and areas of interest.

MarketingDAO PM

The MarketingDAO PM is responsible for organizing and overseeing initiatives within the MarketingDAO, and facilitating community member participation. If you wish to participate in any aspect of the MarketingDAO or have a comment, suggestion, or question about marketing initiatives, please tag the MarketingDAO PM in the #commmunity-marketing channel on our Discord. The current MarketingDAO PM will be listed underneath the Discord role.

How to contribute

The marketingDAO handles a variety of tasks. Make sure you join the #community-marketing channel on the Kwenta Discord and explain a little bit about your skills. There are two primary ways to get involved.

The Agency:

Are you a strong communicator with a presence on social media? Ask about joining the Agency, which is Kwenta’s social media marketing group. The Agency currently includes 4 tiers, which may change over time.

Current tiers and responsibilities include:

  • Agency Recruit: Any community member who has expressed interest in social media marketing will have access to introductory tasks to boost content related to Kwenta.

  • Special Agent: A community member who has demonstrated a base level of participation, and is invited to give suggestions and feedback on future social media marketing efforts.

  • Intelligence Officer: A community member who has demonstrated deep involvement in Kwenta, and will be asked to complete more complex tasks such as canvassing new community members or influencers and seeking out partnerships and co-marketing efforts with related communities.

  • Men In Black: Men In Black are trusted and involved community members who will be asked to take on administrative tasks such as drafting social media posts on Kwenta’s behalf, or serving as moderators in Kwenta communities across social media platforms.

MarketingDAO Proposals and Tickets:

Involvement with the Agency is not required for a community member to participate in marketing initiatives, and marketing initiatives outside the scope of the Agency are discussed openly and transparently to allow for community feedback.

There are 2 steps to creating a marketing initiative:

  • Marketing Ticket: If a Marketing Proposal demonstrates a clear value to Kwenta and appropriate costs and criteria for completion have been defined, a community member may draft a Marketing Ticket, which will be approved and announced to the community by the MarketingDAO PM.

  • Marketing tickets: may be assigned to a community member for completion upon creation, or may be opened for community members to request assignment. Upon completion, a predetermined bounty will be awarded to the assigned community member.

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