Depositing & Withdrawing

How to deposit and withdraw funds from Cross & Isolated Margin
From the dashboard select where you need to deposit or withdraw sUSD, pick either isolated or cross margin.
Pick a type of margin
Isolated Margin will require you to deposit/withdraw sUSD for every perps market you trade. An sSUD button will display what markets have funds to withdraw,
Once you've selected your margin type & make sure the correct wallet is connected, you can easily deposit or withdraw funds by selecting either the Deposit or Withdrawalbuttons.
On small screen sizes the `deposit` and 'withdraw` words will be hidden and represented by arrows in opposite directions.
Clicking on either will display a modal in which you can select to withdraw or deposit sUSD in or out of individual perps markets if trading isolated markets, or a cross margin account.
Decide how much sUSD needs to be moved and select either withdraw margin or deposit margin relevant to the action being completed. Submit the transaction through your wallet and you are complete.