Trade Cross Margin

How to trade with cross margin on Kwenta

Getting Started

Select Cross Margin under the Futures navigation tab to begin using Kwenta.

Connecting Your web3 wallet

If your wallet isn’t already connected, you’ll want to hit ‘Connect wallet’ at the top right of the screen and follow any MetaMask prompts.

Switch networks

You can switch networks by clicking the puzzle icon at the top right of your browser and selecting the MetaMask extension. When MetaMask opens, you can switch networks by clicking Ethereum Mainnet and from the drop-down menu select the Optimistic Ethereum network. Your sUSD balance should now display in the bottom right corner. The balance will match the amount of sUSD you hold in MetaMask.

Create your Cross Margin Account

If you don't have an existing cross margin account you'll be prompted to create one as well as approve the contract to spend sUSD. Once approved through MetaMask the final step in creating your account is to deposit sUSD.

Cross Margin Dashboard

Deposit/Withdraw sUSD

Removing and adding sUSD can be done by selecting Deposit or Withdraw in the order entry panel.
In order to trade, make sure you deposit a minimum of at least 50 sUSD.

Open a position with a market order type

Before you open a new position you'll want to select your leverage by selecting the edit button next to Leverage in the cross-margin account details. When selected you'll get a pop-up modal that lets you adjust your leverage accordingly.
Pick your leverage and hit Confirm and submit the transaction. Next, select your order type, either market order, limit order or stop-market order.
In this example, we will execute a market order.
Enter a position size by either entering the amount you'd like to purchase or slide the position size slider.
You can switch between entering the sUSD or the underlying asset order amount by selecting the double arrows.
Once satisfied with your order hit Open Position. After hitting submit, Kwenta will display a confirmation screen showing the details of your position (Please note your liquidation price).
Hit confirm order and approve the wallet transaction if you are ready to place the trade.
We have now successfully executed a buy order for ETH, and our positions tab will reflect our opened position.

Close a Position

The easiest way to close a position is to hit Close Position in the order entry panel. This will close your position in its entirety. If you only want to close the position partially, select the opposite of your existing position (short in this example) and specify the amount you wish to reduce the position by and select modify.

Switching between assets

Switching between assets can quickly be done by selecting the drop-down menu in your order entry panel; when selected, a drop-down menu will appear with any assets available to trade.