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Staking V2 Migration

Things to note:
  • Only $KWENTA staked in the v2 contracts counts towards DAO voting power
  • Only migrated $KWENTA will continue to earn inflationary or trade rewards
  • V2 Staking has a 2-week cooldown

Optimism Mainnet Contract Address

StakingRewardsNotifier: 0x03f6dC6e616AB3a367a1F2C26B8Bc146f632b451
RewardEscrowV2: 0x15725a8159629ca9763deC4211e309c94d9f5CB0
RewardEscrowV2 Proxy: 0xb2a20fCdc506a685122847b21E34536359E94C56
StakingRewardsV2: 0x626e666c95f4a31439A9cA2d5ef757EA3d72A2fd
StakingRewardsV2 Proxy: 0x61294940CE7cD1BDA10e349adC5B538B722CeB88
EscrowMigrator: 0x10B04483d762Bd4F193F35600112ad52391004A7
EscrowMigrator Proxy: 0xC9aF789Ae606F69cF8Ed073A04eC92f2354b027d
Token holders must ensure they go through all steps of the migration flow in one go.

KIPs Implemented with Staking v2

The V2 Migration Process

Head to the Migration Guide for step-by-step instructions, then visit the staking page and connect a wallet to begin the migration process.

What’s New in v2?

With the initial Staking v2 release, $KWENTA stakers can utilize several new features immediately.

Escrow Transferability

Users may now transfer v2 escrow entries without vesting, allowing them to consolidate escrow balances, migrate staking to a new wallet, or secure entries in a compromised wallet while preserving their full balances.

Unstaking Cooldown Period

All stakers should be aware of an unstaking cooldown period introduced in Staking v2, which discourages disruptive, short term actions such as buying votes or capturing fee revenue, and rewarding long term participation. At launch, this cooldown will be set for 2 weeks from the last interaction with the StakingRewards contract and can be changed via governance.

Integrator Contract Support

Staking v2 ensures that users who staked via smart contracts are not left behind. The new integrator contract support introduces additional functions to allow integrators and other contract-based stakers to claim v2 rewards.

Early Vest Fees

While previously early vesting fees were sent to the Kwenta treasury, early vesting fees will now be split 50/50 between the treasury and non-treasury stakers as described in KIP-45 and KIP-88
Early vest fee distribution will start with the launch of staking v2

Automated Compounding

As proposed in KIP-42, Staking v2 introduces the getRewardOnBehalf and stakeEscrowOnBehalf functions. These powerful functions, paired with allowing delegation, empower individual stakers to utilize secure custom-built or third-party solutions to automate the compounding of rewards.


Recognizing the need for flexibility and adaptability, Staking v2 is built to be upgradeable. By utilizing the UUPS proxy standard, the Staking v2 contracts, specifically StakingRewardsV2 and RewardEscrowV2 can be upgraded if required. Unlike immutable contracts, this upgradeability enables Kwenta the DAO to evolve and embrace future enhancements efficiently.
Kwenta State Log
KIP-58: Staking V2
Kwenta State Log
KIP-62: Escrow V2 (Escrow Transferrability)
Kwenta State Log
KIP-77: Make Staking V2 Upgradeable
Kwenta State Log
KIP-86: Staking V2 Integrator Contract Support