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Is migrating safe?

The newly released Kwenta staking contracts were audited multiple times by both large firms and independent security auditors. Audit reports from all firms can be found here, staking v2 audits.​

Is there a deadline for the migration?

No, but once the migration has been initiated by a staker, the staker has two weeks to complete the migration before being permanently locked out of the migration process, thus forfeiting any $KWENTA.
MIGRATION is necessary to continue earning both inflationary & $KWENTA trade rewards.

When can I start migrating?

If you are reading this, the migration is likely started already. Visit to begin migrating.

What happens to existing escrow entries?

Existing escrow entries are transferable. Follow the How to Migrateguide to transfer v1 escrow entries to V2.

Do I need to vest before migration?

No! Token holders do not need to vest their v1 escrowed $KWENTA in order to start the migration. The new migration flow includes both the transfer of liquid and escrowed $KWENTA entries to V2. Follow the How to Migrateguide to transfer v1 escrow entries to V2.

Will I keep receiving staking rewards on v1 if I do not migrate?

No! Token holders must migrate as soon as possible if they wish to continue to receive staking rewards. Once staking v2 is live and the migration is enabled on the frontend, stakers are encouraged to migrate as soon as possible to keep earning rewards.

What is the cooldown period?

The cooldown period is NEW, and the time required before unstaking your tokens is possible. The cooldown period to unstake your tokens is two weeks & the clock starts ticking from the last time a staker interacted with the v2 staking contracts. This includes adding to your staked balance with liquid $KWENTA or escrow $KWENTA.
The cooldown period by default is 14 days, but this can be further extended/reduced via governance.
IMPORTANT: After the cooldown period is complete, you have an unlimited window to withdraw your unstaked tokens. If you do not withdraw before interacting with the staking contract again, you will have to start the cooldown process again.
  • If the cooldown period was activated 14 days ago, you could withdraw!
  • If the cooldown period was activated 14 days and 2 hours ago, you claim rewards and will now need to start the 14-day cooldown period again.