Accessing Accounts Delegate to You

A guide to help traders who have had trade rights delegated to them from another Kwenta Smart Margin Account access them.

Are you looking to trade on an account that has delegated its right to you? Look no further & head over to Kwenta.

How to Access an account Delegated to you

  • Connect Your Wallet: Start by connecting a wallet with the right to trade on behalf of another account to Kwenta.

Note: Deposit/Withdrawal, as well as other functions, may not be available while in delegation mode.

  • Switching between accounts: Users can switch between their connected account and any accounts that have delegated access to them quickly. Simply click on your connected wallet in the top right navigation bar.

Inside the spawned modal traders will have access to managing their own connected wallet & will see any smart accounts that have delegated trade rights to them below "Delegated Acess". To assume control of one of the alternative trade accounts a user simply presses the "connect" button next to the address they want to access.

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