Getting started

Set Up delegated access

How to Access Delegated Trading Settings

  • Connect Your Wallet: Start by connecting your primary wallet to Kwenta.

Note: Ensure you’ve created and funded your Smart Margin account from your primary wallet before trading from a delegated wallet.

  • Navigate to Manage: Click on your ENS or connected wallet address at the top right of the screen and select “Manage” to access wallet delegation.

The account management modal can be accessed here or in the order entry panel.

  • Find Delegation: Find the NEW delegation setting page within the management modal. On this page, you'll be able to manage all things on delegation.

  • You'll have a few options from here, which include:

    • Add New Delegates

      • Rename existing Delegates

        • Remove assigned Delegates

Managing Delegates
  • Trading or accessing an account already delegated to you:

Accessing Accounts Delegate to You

Remember: Although delegated wallets cannot withdraw funds, leveraged trading still carries risk. Only delegate to wallets you trust!

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