V2 Perps Changes

SIP-279 Core upgrades include a premium/discount pricing function that adiabatically collects and distributes premium along a path invariant curve in skew space, as well as a velocity-based funding rate model that is also zero-sum and path invariant in funding rate space. Challenges related to oracle latency are also putatively mitigated via price feeds with decentralized oracle networks that update off-chain with on-chain verification. SIP-280 Add upgradability capabilities to current Futures implementation as a first step to add new features to it. Note, in this SIP Futures and Perps terms are interchangeable. SIP-281 SIP proposes two changes, (1) delayed orders and (2) cross side maker/taker fees. Delayed orders update next-price orders to allow execution based primarily on time rather than purely on a semi-arbitrary price feed update from CL.
Cross-side maker/taker fees is a fix to order fee calculation. If an order flips the market skew, the size in its entirety is charged with just maker fees. This is incorrect. The change involves updating the calculation such that the proportion of size that reduces the skew will be charged a maker fee but the remaining, which increases the skew, is charged with a taker fee.