One-Click Trading

One-click trading (1CT) removes the need to interact with a wallet when submitting transactions, reducing the time and user actions required to trade.

It does this through the use of two new mechanisms:

  • 1CT wallet

  • Trade delegation

When utilizing 1CT, please be aware that each "enabled session" is unique to the particular browser you are using. These sessions cannot be moved or used across different browsers or devices. While you can have multiple instances open, they will all access the same 1CT account and use the ETH you have deposited there.

Each session's key is stored in the local storage of the specific browser in use. Therefore, if you decide to use a different browser or switch devices, you will have to enable a new session on each new browser or device you use.

1CT Wallet

Kwenta uses a derived externally owned account (EOA) wallet for submitting trading transactions.

It relies on the following sequence:

  • Creating a Smart Margin Account

  • Creating & delegate trading rights to your 1CT account

  • Funding the 1CT account with ETH

  • Activating the session

Trade Delegation

Kwenta Smart Margin supports a delegation feature, allowing EOAs to submit transactions on behalf of other EOAs.

To delegate trading to another EOA, a trader must approve the address as a delegate through the trading contract.

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