Onboarding to 1CT

Get started with your seamless trading experience

The onboarding experience:

  • Create a Smart Margin Account *If you don't have one, creating one is easy!

  • Create 1CT account *This creates, and delegates trade rights to your 1CT wallet

  • Fund 1CT wallet

  • Enable feature

Step 1 - Finding the 1-Click Trading Feature

To start, navigate to kwenta.eth.limo and bring up the account management interface by selecting "Deposit Funds."

If sUSD is available in your margin account, the "Deposit Funds" button will be called "Manage"

Once in the manage interface and on the One-Click Trading tab, you will have two options:

  • One-Click Trading

  • Sign Every Transaction

Select One-Click Trading and select "Activate One-Click Trading"

Step 2 - Create a 1-Click Trading Account

Confirm your selection of One-Click Trading and select Activate!

Success! You've created a 1CT account.

Step 3 - Fund your 1CT account with ETH

It's time to fund it with $ETH. Select the "Fund" tab. Some things to note on this window are:

  • You're 1CT wallet address

  • You're 1CT trade account ETH balance *Without ETH in the 1CT account no transactions will execute

Funding your account with ETH is easy. You can either enter a custom amount of ETH to deposit for transaction fees or select one of the predefined amounts.

We've included an estimated transaction amount based on your deposited amount of ETH.

Select how much ETH you'd like to deposit and execute the transaction.

Step 4 - Starting 1CT

The last step is to enable the 1-Click Trading session. Select how long you would like your session to last from the Duration dropdown and sign the transaction once enable is clicked.

Step 5 - Execute Trades without the need to Sign

You can now trade on Kwenta without signing every transaction so long as "Open Trade with One-Click Trading" is selected.

Should 1CT not work, traders can unselect "Open Trade with One-Click Trading" and execute transactions traditionally.


To disable 1CT, simply repeat step 1 above but select the Sign Every Transaction mode instead of 1CT. Users can revert to manually signing every action on Kwenta as often as they like.

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