Testnet Competition Quick Start Guide

Head to https://v3-perps.kwenta.io/ and connect the wallet you used during the competition signup, making sure you are connected to Base testnet. For help getting started on Base testnet check out Using Base with your wallet

Testnet Funds have been distributed, participants are cautioned to not transfer funds between other wallets.

Enter the competition by creating an account

Once your eligible wallet is connected create a V3 account, and deposit any funds into your newly created v3 account.

Success! You'll see any deposited assets in the "available margin" row in the Account details section.

You are ready to start participating in the V3 testnet competition.


Account Health: what is it?

Account Health is a liquidation health monitor; traders should monitor it to stay informed on how close their account is to liquidation.

Once this indicator reaches 100% your ENTIRE account will be liquidated.

Maintenance Margin: what is it?

Maintenance margin refers to the minimum amount of equity that must be maintained in a margin account for positions to remain open. Once the account falls below these requirements, your account will be liquidated.

Where are limit orders?

This is an early Alpha build testing the first implementation of the new Synthetix v3 contracts. We expect advanced orders to launch in tandem with the mainnet implementation of v3 perps.

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