Referral Program

Public Launch Coming Soon!


The Kwenta Referral program is a highly anticipated growth tool that will allow for a fully on-chain system of NFTs to govern the distribution of rewards to affiliates. The affiliate program has been designed and built from the ground up and should have a soft launch within the coming weeks.
Soft Launch
The initial soft launch will be gated, allowing Kwenta core contributors to work directly with a small number of affiliates to test and provide feedback on the program. This period should allow us to stay on top of bugs, feature requests and monitor the gameability of the referral program. We expect September 1st to be a good estimate for this launch date. The community can expect more support from Kwenta CCs, including assistance contacting traders and promoting your own codes in the early days of the launch.
To participate in the soft launch of Kwenta’s referral program as an affiliate, fill out this form