Getting Started

SMv3 Step-by-Step Guide

Quick Start Overview

This simplified guide provides a streamlined approach for interacting with SMv3. Note that "Proxy" refers to the Synthetix Perps v3 market proxy.

Initial Setup

  1. Account Creation: Initiate a Synthetix v3 Account using Proxy.createAccount.

  2. Permission Granting: Assign admin permission to Kwenta's Engine via Proxy.grantPermission.

    • Efficiency Tip: Steps 1 and 2 can be combined into a single transaction using Synthetix v3's TrustedMulticallForwarder, a feature co-developed by Kwenta.

Trading Preparation

  1. Collateral Approval: Approve the Engine to manage your trading collateral (e.g., $USDC, $snxUSD, $snxBTC, $snxETH) using IERC20.approve.

  2. Collateral Deposit: Deposit your trading collateral with Engine.modifyCollateral.

Trading Execution

  1. Commit Async Order: Execute trades (one at a time, as per Synthetix restrictions) using Engine.commitOrder.

    • Batching Capability: Steps 4 and 5 can be processed together, thanks to the multicall functionality of the Kwenta Engine.

Programmatic Interaction Guide

For those looking to interact programmatically, here are detailed steps with corresponding code examples:

This guide aims to facilitate a clear and efficient journey through SMv3’s setup and trading processes.

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