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Smart Deposit

Margin made easy
The users can now deposit non-sUSD stables into their Smart Margin Wallet.

Deposit DAI and USDC on Optimism

Users can now deposit USDC and DAI directly into the Smart Margin accounts. The app automatically converts the asset into a sUSD asset through 0x. The margin account does the swap on deposit, and Kwenta charges no additional fees.
This feature uses Permit2, which allows token approvals to be shared and managed across different applications, creating a more unified, cost-efficient, and safer UX.
Deposit Asset Guide
To deposit to the Smart Margin wallet, traders will need an existing Smart Margin Wallet and approve the asset in the deposit modal.
Once the necessary Approvals have been submitted and the deposit transaction has successfully been posted on-chain, the system will swap the selected asset and amount into sUSD while also depositing the newly acquired sUSD into the margin account for use in new or existing positions.
Custom slippage parameters are available to ensure a safe swap environment!