Withdrawing sUSD & ETH

How to withdraw funds from Smart & Isolated Margin

Withdrawing sUSD

From the dashboard, select where you need to deposit or withdraw sUSD by picking either Isolated or Smart Margin.

Isolated Margin will require you to deposit/withdraw sUSD for every perp market you trade or last traded.

Once you've selected your margin type & make sure the correct wallet is connected, you can easily withdraw funds in your smart margin wallet by selecting Manage in the order entry panel.

A modal will appear in which you can select to withdraw sUSD in or out of individual perps markets if trading isolated markets or a Smart Margin account.

Withdrawing Account ETH

Any ETH in your Smart Margin account that hasn't been used to execute advanced orders can easily be withdrawn by:

  • Selecting the pencil next to Keeper balance

  • Select the amount to withdraw and complete the transaction

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