Kwenta Staking Glossary

Staking Dashboard

Escrowed KWENTA is KWENTA that still has a vesting schedule to complete.The escrow lock-up will begin with an 90% fee for vesting KWENTA early which will decay linearly over one year. If tokens are vested early, the percentage of tokens that are still applicable to the fee will be forfeited.
Liquid - Non-staked, liquid KWENTA in your wallet, that can either be staked or transferred.
Escrow - Claimed KWENTA staking rewards that are on a vesting schedule. The escrowed Kwenta can be staked, too (see Staked Escrow).
Staked - Total staked KWENTA that is not escrowed (can be unstaked and transferred freely)
Staked Escrow - Total staked escrowed KWENTA (can be unstaked but is still on a vesting schedule, unless already fully vested)
Claimable - KWENTA staking rewards that are available to claim and begin vesting.
Vestable - Total KWENTA vestable after incurring any early vest penalties on escrowed Kwenta.
Toggle between Staking, Trading Rewards, Escrow & Redemption
Claimable Rewards - The amount of KWENTA you are currently able to claim as reward.
APY - Annual Percentage Yield in KWENTA tokens from staking.
Stake/Unstake - Stake your liquid Kwenta or unstake staked Kwenta to become liquid again.

Trading Rewards

5% of inflation will be distributed to KWENTA stakers according to a rewards score that is a function of staking participation and trading activity. The rewards score will be a Cobb-Douglas function with exponential weighting that ideally favors trading activity.
Trading rewards are calculated on a weekly basis.
Stakers can see their current total claimable trading rewards. All availably claimable rewards can be claimed at any time.
Stakers can see their currently selected epochs trading fees paid along with a timer of when the next epoch starts. An epoch is 7 days.
Allows stakers to select a specific epoch to go back and see relevant information for.
For more information on how these rewards are calculated see KIP-3.