The marketingDAO is a community-driven marketing branch of the DAO that focuses on marketing initiatives for Kwenta.
This sub-DAO has not yet launched, stay tuned for updates in our Discord.
The greater Kwenta marketingDAO will be made up of motivated individuals from the community that may participate in marketing strategy and campaigns on an ongoing basis or in one-off instances as their time and expertise allots.
In order to increase accessibility to the marketingDAO, the community will interact with ongoing campaigns, routine marketingDAO operations, and KIP performance via an interface managed by the marketingDAO council members.

MarketingDAO Council

The marketingDAO will be led by a council of 3 individuals that have demonstrated their expertise and knowledge of both marketing and the Kwenta ecosystem and are voted into the position by the Kwenta Elite Council.
The marketingDAO Council will be responsible for coordinating with Kwenta CCs on priorities, reviewing, creating, and approving marketing campaigns and budgets and organizing the rest of the marketingDAO members to participate.
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