Kwenta Launch

The Kwenta token will launch and be claimable on L2 for SNX stakers and Synth traders. Pool contributors that participated in the Aelin raise and received $vKWENTA as outlined in KIP-9, will be able to redeem their $vKWENTA for $KWENTA now. All rewards earned during the Sovereignty Phase will be distributed to participants when the token officially launches.
Kwenta/ETH Pool:
Upon launch, there needs to be both fee capture from trades as well as liquidity available for the token. LP rewards will be available for those that contribute to the Optimism Uniswap V3 $KWENTA/ETH pool for the next four weeks. Therefore, we are going to reward those LPs utilizing full range positions, similar to a V2 Uniswap pool. Liquidity incentives will be reviewed at the end of the initial period and either continued as is, adjusted, or discontinued. 783.43 KWENTA will be available for this opportunity.
Pool Details:
  • Pool: $KWENTA/$ETH
  • Fee Tier: 1%
  • Reward: 0.25% of the initial supply (783.43 KWENTA)
  • Start: November 1st, 2022
  • End: December 1st, 2022
  • minPrice: 0
  • maxPrice: Infinity